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  Saturday, May 27, 2017 – Permalink –

Auto Show

Also Dumb No Dot

A PowerPoint show can be set up to run automatically when it is opened.

To do this, you could go to File>Save As and choose PowerPoint Show (*.pps) from the Save as type: list.

Another way is to change the extension (the three letters that appear after a file name such as Report.DOC).

PowerPoint uses .PPT for normal files, .POT for templates.

A PowerPoint show uses .PPS.

Microsoft "dumbed down" Windows Explorer so that, by default, extensions are not displayed.

To see them:
  1. Go to Windows Explorer.
  2. On the Menu bar go to Tools>Folder Options
    (Organize>Folder and Search Options in Vista)
  3. Click on the View tab.
  4. In the Advanced settings list, remove the check mark from "Hide file extensions for known file types."
  5. OK your way out.
To change a regular PowerPoint file to a show:
  1. Locate the file in Windows Explorer.
  2. Right click the file name and choose Rename.
  3. Touch the End key on the keyboard and the Backspace three times.
  4. Enter the letters PPS
  5. Hit Enter.
You now have a PowerPoint show that will automatically run when it is opened.

(This also works with *.PPTX files

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